Stockfish 2.2

To start the new year with a fresh new base I’d like to release Stockfish 2.2. This should be really a small improvement ELO wise, I have tested it against SF 2.1.1 JA and in single core I got +10 ELO, we think in multi core we should gain some more, but remain anyhow around +20 ELO maximum. Not a lot for 6 months of work but at least the readability of code base has greatly improved and also shrinked in size of almost 900 lines:

42 files changed, 3853 insertions(+), 4729 deletions(-)

This is just an “Happy New Year” release, nothing more.

It is important that the below signature matches in all the platforms:

stockfish bench signature is: 5457475

Thanks a lot and Happy New 2012 to everybody!


Update Dec 30, 2011: We are having some issues compiling for Windows. For those who downloaded the Mac version yesterday, the final 2.2 release may be different.

Update Dec 31, 2011: Stockfish 2.2 for all platforms is now available!