Stockfish DD

This is a new release of Stockfish after the last TCEC season. It is almost the same version that played the superfinal against Komodo.

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For people compiling themselves, please verify signature is correct running ‘stockfish bench’ from a terminal window. At the end of the run, searched nodes shall be 8596156

Diffs from last version is: 32 files changed, 966 insertions(+), 1257 deletions(-)

So 291 lines of code less but should be quite stronger than version 4. For interested people here is the breakdown of lines count.

Language files blank comment code

C++ 20 2088 1577 5547 C/C++ Header 21 638 555 1555 make 1 82 80 417 SUM: 41 2726 2132 7102

And here is the list of developers that contributed to this release:

  • Chris Caino
  • Eelco de Groot
  • Gary Linscott
  • Gregor Cramer
  • Hongzhi Cheng
  • Jean-Francois Romang
  • Joona Kiiski
  • Jörg Oster
  • Kelly Wilson
  • Kojirion
  • Lucas Braesch
  • Marco Costalba
  • Matthew Sullivan
  • Ralph Stößer
  • Raminder Singh
  • Reuven Peleg
  • Uri Blass

A special thank to Daylen Yang, our precious webmaster and builder of the Mac binaries and to from which I have, shameless, took the Windows binaries.

This release is dedicated to Don Dailey.