Stockfish 8

Stockfish 8 is out!

This is the result of the effort of many people along many months: it has been a huge and hard effort and I would like to thank all the testers for their relentless patience, determination and creativity. I would like to thank all the people supporting us with CPU time (we don’t ask nor accept donations so if you want to support us then donating CPU time through fishtest is the way to go and we greatly appreciate that). I would like to thank Kiran Panditrao for the super fast binaries provided in record time and Daylen Yang for the amazingly fast update of the site: you guys are great!

Stockfish 8 is the same version that will go for the TCEC superfinal, it will be exactly the same, so what else should I say? Just fingers crossed for TCEC and have fun you all with this new Stockfish 8.

Differences between SF 7 and SF 8: 168 commits, 1683 additions, 1628 deletions

Download it here.