Stockfish for Mac

Stockfish is a powerful chess analysis app. Play two-player games on the beautiful chess board, or get instant accurate analysis of any game. Stockfish will tell you who's winning and calculate the best move.


Interactive, Immersive Board Stockfish has a gorgeous board that looks fantastic on Retina Displays. It's full of nice touches: when you click or drag a piece, its destination squares are highlighted in yellow, and the best move is shown with a red arrow. Plus, you can go full screen for the most immersive chess experience.

Top-Notch Chess Analysis Analysis is powered by the Stockfish chess engine, the strongest free chess engine in the world. You're getting top-notch analysis that surpasses the strongest human chess grandmasters.

Advanced Features Stockfish has many enhancements for advanced users. You can browse through multi-game PGN files, copy and paste FEN strings, utilize Syzygy endgame tablebases, and use MultiPV.

Free and Open Source Stockfish is completely free, and the source code is available on GitHub under the GPLv3 license.

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What's New in version 2.0

Updated Design We've given the app a visual refresh: there's a new color scheme, dramatically improved animations, and a new toolbar.

Updated Engine The new Stockfish engine is about 45 ELO stronger than Stockfish 5. And there's a 5% speed boost if you're using the latest Haswell processors.

MultiPV Sometimes you want to know the 2nd or 3rd best move in addition to the best move. Enable more lines of analysis in the Engine menu.

Undo/Redo Now Stockfish will warn you if you're about to overwrite the game history with a new move, and you can always undo.

Endgame Tablebases You can select a folder of Syzygy endgame tablebases for Stockfish to use during analysis. (Tablebases downloaded separately.)

More Options You can adjust the engine's skill level and contempt, or have Stockfish automatically tweak the settings for strongest play.

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Stockfish is licensed under the GPL license. Website © 2010- Daylen Yang. Stockfish icon by Klein Maetschke.